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Pi makes Pie

The Raspberry Pi bird scarer did wonders this year, combined with scary ballon eyes, fake snake and a new false hawk we managed a yield of about 10kg of cherries – a record.



Siril for DSLR astrophoto

Sirilr poves to be a great, flexible imaging programme for DSLR photo – just have to be careful with Flats and use the super pixel debayering to keep file sizes down 100mb vs 25!

Here is M51 whirlpool galaxy 14 images of 240 seconds takem remotely using Raspberry PI with INDI/EKOS processed and stacked in Siril using superpixel mode then cropped.

NFSv4 on Raspberry pi raspbian Jessie

it seem all the fuss with rpcbind and nfs not reloading at boot is solved in Jessie, at least I found that when I remove the FSID=0 from the server exports file definition it seems to work well.

Lets see.

So Update :Nov 2017 on Stretch lite on Rasperry Pi zero

Tried with Autofs to mount the server NFS but go constant dropped folders and NFS server timed out – tried all options on mount, timeo, sync etc to no avail. The only thing that worked was a new SD card with Stretch full but mounting the NFS in fstab, although it appears stable (no more time outs) the systemctl status nfs shows .mount changed on disk run daemon relaod. This looks like a bug.

Lets see.