Global warming Romandie impact

Its getting hotter and hotter

As the scientists again try to impress urgency and importance around climate change my update shows the ongoing impact in the Romandie region : an average increase near 2°C during the last 150 years and more extreme events.

Using official meteo data from Geneva (GVA) (1) since 1864 and comparing with millennial data from Pully we can observe an average temperature increase of around 1.8°C  with some months like January already exceeding 2°C.

Equally worrisome is the increase of extremes, shown in the blue spikes.


For those doubting the use of the two data sets (Pully, GVA) the correlation is tight as shown by quick check of dataset since 2001 :

There is also a very strong correlation to the similar analysis one for Suffolk UK using the HADcet data

(1) Data Sources :


Pully :


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